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Sunday smoothie session – Going green with juicing and “Sweet baby ado”

Anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge. So, of course, I started the year by partaking in a “juice a day challenge“. I don’t have a juicer, or even a functioning blender, but I do have a magic bullet. For an additional challenge, I tried new recipes on the fly every day and I tried to ensure it was a green juice or a green smoothie. As a novice juicer (I normally just buy them when I’m out, rather than make them at home), you can bet there were some doozies. Trust me when I say – regardless of the nutritional benefits – kale, baby spinach, broccoli, avocado, raspberries and cacao is not worth it! Or, at least there are better ways to enjoy these otherwise awesome ingredients. But there were some winning combos and so, naturally, I’ll be sharing those with you in this new series: Sunday smoothie session! Starting with… Read more

The power of affirmations to manifest your desires

I want to tell you a little bit about the power of affirmations. I know what you’re thinking. It seems utterly ridiculous. How could uttering a few measly words of positivity possibly make all your wildest dreams or deepest desires come true?! Well, it’s quantum physics. Plain and simple (or maybe not)! I won’t bore you with all the E=mc2 style details (which, to be honest, are kind of above my head too!), but I’ll share a secret with you instead. Read more

Release anticipation, expectation – watch a sunrise, have a little faith

I woke early this morning, looked out my bedroom window and saw the city lights glowing before a soft, pale blue sky. I woke at the perfect time to watch the sunrise. I pulled back the bed covers, slipped out of bed and opened the bedroom door onto the east-facing balcony. I perched on a stool, the early morning air giving me goosebumps, and waited. And waited. And waited. The sky was lightening and I could see more of the landscape. The stars were disappearing, the city lights were turning off, the trees on the hill surrounding the southern side of the city were becoming clear, and the soil in the paddock on the furthest south-west corner of my view was becoming redder, richer. The sun was making its presence known, but I couldn’t see it. Had I missed it? Was it hidden behind a great blanket of cloud that stretched across the vast horizon? Read more

Sweet potato shepherd’s pie – a paleo alternative to the country classic

Shepherd’s pie, or cottage pie as it’s also known, was likely a staple meal when you were growing up, and perhaps it still is today. There is something positively comforting about this simple dish, which is essentially a crustless meat pie topped with mashed potato. What’s even more comforting about this particular recipe (which is paleo friendly and sugar free) is that it’s oozing with hearty flavours, packed with nutrient-dense vegetables, and topped with a sweet-as creamy crust. Best of all, it’s just as easy to whip up as the old-fashioned version, so my guess is you’ll be making this recipe on a pretty regular basis. Read more

Join the juice a day challenge with 3 green recipes to get you started

I’ve been having a green juice every day throughout January, as you’d know if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. My friend Amanda from Finding Eco (pictured with me, below, enjoying a Kreation Juice in LA) launched the challenge (search #janjuiceaday) and, well, I’m always up for a challenge! But ‘what is the hype about green juice?’, I hear you ask. ‘Why is a green smoothie a day good for your health?’ I’ll explain, but first here are a few of my creations so far… Read more

Paleo mango ice-cream – a healthy, dairy-free dessert

Summer isn’t summer without ice-cream. I could eat ice-cream just about every day (whether it’s summer or winter, for that matter). Yep, it’s my vice (along with chocolate and coffee!). If, like me, you love ice-cream, you can’t go past a Mango Weiss Bar during summertime. Or can you? This mango ice-cream recipe is healthy, paleo friendly and dairy free! Read more

Shredded kale, bacon and walnut salad will blow your guests away

For something a little bit fancy but still as easy to whip up as a trusty old garden salad, try this shredded kale, bacon and walnut salad. It’s incredibly tasty, hearty, simple to make and can easily be made a day ahead. Read more

Asian-inspired barbecued salmon with honey, chilli and tamari

Is there anything more suitable and satisfying than fish and salad for a summer evening’s meal? This one is a new favourite of mine – a simple dish of salmon and salad, paired with Asian flavours, prepared in no time, and leaving a minimal trail of washing up. My Asian-inspired barbecued salmon with honey, chilli and tamari is quick and easy, fresh and healthy, and sweet, sour, and tasty. It’s the perfect mid-week dinner. Read more

Light and spicy, meaty and zesty Thai chicken broth

This Thai Chicken Broth is a quick, easy and tasty soup that makes excellent use of homemade chicken stock.

In the warmer months, a heavy and hearty chicken soup, while tasty, isn’t quite what you feel like on a balmy night. However, this light and spicy, meaty and zesty Thai Chicken Broth somehow manages to always hit the spot. Read more

How to make sweet potato fries – an indulgent primal treat

Sweet potato fries are one of the simplest and most satiating savoury treats to grace the Earth, I swear! Salty and sweet, crispy-skinned and soft-centred, honestly, what more could anyone ask for? Read more

Dijon salad dressing to make simple salads delicious standouts

Salads can be boring, there’s no doubt about it. But I have a sneaking suspicion that, for most of us, it’s the monotony of the same-old-same-old that’s boring, rather than the salad itself. To test out my theory, I’m sharing with you my tried, tested and true Dijon salad dressing. It’s quick, simple, sugar-free, totally tangy and tasty, and will make any salad a delicious standout! Read more

A taste of Mexico – paleo beef nachos with guacamole

A day trip to Mexico recently inspired this delectable recipe – which was actually inspired by a friend of a friend who contributed a photo of her version of nachos to my local Paleo Pot Luck Facebook group. You can’t beat the flavours real food has to offer! Read more


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