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Baked apple with cinnamon and walnuts – a sugar-free recipe

When the nights are cool and your sweet tooth is craving some after-dinner loving, you can’t go past the no-fuss, tried and true baked apple. It’s sweet and juicy, aromatic and a little bit nutty. However, many baked apple recipes can leave you hanging a little too long. Sometimes a girl can’t wait; she wants her dessert and she wants it now! Before you reach for anything else, try this spin on the classic dessert. Easy to make, fast to cook, sugar-free and completely delicious, my baked apple with cinnamon and walnuts recipe ticks all the boxes. Read more

4-Week Summer Body Meal Plan: Week 1

In four weeks, I’ll be in Fiji. That means I have 28 days to cleanse, tone and detox my way from a pretty healthy winter body to a seriously summer ready Fiji body. I am also on the hunt for a new bikini, which is always a good motivator. Seriously though, four weeks is all it takes to establish new routines and generate some incredible results. And I’m going to prove it to you. I’m calling it my 4-2-Fiji Diet. There are only 4 guidelines and 2 exceptions. I challenge you to follow along with these recipes and meal plans to see if you not only look better, but feel better too. Read more

Carrot and walnut porridge – have your cake, eat your oats too

Some people have a hard time stomaching the thought of vegetables for breakfast, but what could be more natural? If you’re a sceptic, I challenge you to try adding at least one vegetable to your morning meal.  Just try it. It sets a healthy tone for the rest of your day and gives you a kick start on the way to attaining your “five-a-day” target. Read more

One night in Paris and eight things to do

The latest instalment in this series, where I retrace my travel journey throughout Europe, sees me in Paris with a checklist of eight things to do and just one day and night to tick them off. But the list soon gets longer before it gets shorter… Read more

Stewed rhubarb, pear and orange – sugar-free and so many uses

Rhubarb is one of my favourite vegetables. Traditionally, this tart vegetable (which contains good amounts of Vitamins A, B and K) is cooked with a lot of sugar to make it sweet, but I have a better solution. Fruits are naturally sweet and what’s in season with rhubarb? Pears and oranges – both sweet fruits which can be used as natural sweeteners and replace the added sugar normally used to cook with rhubarb. Read more

Travelling through time: Grandmother’s trip to Ireland in 1952

Nan was born in Northern Ireland and moved to Perth in Western Australia at age 3. Her father, my great-grandfather, came down with a condition after World War I and was advised by his doctor to move to a warmer climate. Nan’s observations of the Irish and their culture during a visit to Ireland in 1952 fascinates me. Our experiences were very different. For one, Nan was reunited with  lot of family. I figure I must have family in Ireland too, but I wasn’t aware of them when I travelled to Ireland 50 years later. Secondly, the bathroom situation has drastically improved… Read more

Chocolate beetroot porridge – heaven in a healthy breakfast bowl

I like to eat vegetables at every meal. It’s an easy way to help ensure I get plenty of clean nutrition in my daily diet and it’s a a brilliant method of ‘crowding out’ less healthy foods. But in winter – when the mornings are cold, wet, windy and overcast – I really can’t go past the comfort of a warming bowl of porridge for breakfast. Porridge and vegetables. How could this work? I recently had the sweetest idea… Read more

Contiki Great Britain: Edinburgh, Liverpool and quaint towns of Wales

Two words come to mind as I re-read the travel journal I kept as a 21-year-old country girl travelling from one of the world’s youngest nations (Australia) to one of its most well-preserved continents (Europe): old and nonchalant. I was clearly blown away by the history of the United Kingdom and at the same time a little dismissive of some parts too. Read more

Best hot chocolate recipe for a healthy, sugar-free indulgence

Hot chocolate cures a multitude of ailments – cold hands, sweet tooths, grumbly tummies and, of course, plain old chocolate cravings! It’s THE winter drink of choice and its indulgence and decadence doesn’t have to come at the price of poor health choices. Swap the pre-packaged, heavy-handed-on-the-sugar supermarket varieties and for this homemade hot chocolate as a healthy alternative.  It’s deliciously chocolatey and will curb those sweet cravings while warming your hands and heart on cold winter nights. Read more

Travelling though time: London, York, and hotel bars with men

You cannot truly appreciate how much can change in half a century until you go back in time. Obviously, much changes, but it’s the little things that get forgotten and the big things that either evolve radically or stand the test of time. As I continue to trace my grandmother’s footsteps throughout Europe in the 1950s, I can’t help but compare our similarities and differences, the societies we live in, and the world around us. Read more

First impressions of London and ghost stories of York

My first days in London as a 22-year-old in 2008 were very different to those of my grandmother who arrived by ship as a 32-year-old in 1952. In this time travel series, I recount the tales, thoughts and experiences of me and my grandmother – two female travellers of different ages, from different eras, with different approaches to travel and life. The differences are so evident when reading my grandmother’s first days in London, and this, the first entry in my travel diary… Read more

Hot chilli sauce recipe to boost metabolism, heat, flavour

The chilli plant in my vegetable garden was exploding with little red fingers that were practically begging to be picked. I picked the plant about 3 months ago with the intention of making sweet chilli sauce. I started de-seeding them and that took FOREVER, so the chillies laid half-handled for weeks until they eventually dried. Life was busy. I didn’t get around to finishing the de-seeding process until much later. That picking ended up dried chilli flakes and chilli salt (recipes to come). Lovely. But this time I was definitely making chilli sauce – no two ways about it. Man up and just make it – screw the de-seeding, make it hot or make it not! Read more


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