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One night in Paris and eight things to do

The latest instalment in this series, where I retrace my travel journey throughout Europe, sees me in Paris with a checklist of eight things to do and just one day and night to tick them off. But the list soon gets longer before it gets shorter… Read more

Travelling through time: Grandmother’s trip to Ireland in 1952

Nan was born in Northern Ireland and moved to Perth in Western Australia at age 3. Her father, my great-grandfather, came down with a condition after World War I and was advised by his doctor to move to a warmer climate. Nan’s observations of the Irish and their culture during a visit to Ireland in 1952 fascinates me. Our experiences were very different. For one, Nan was reunited with  lot of family. I figure I must have family in Ireland too, but I wasn’t aware of them when I travelled to Ireland 50 years later. Secondly, the bathroom situation has drastically improved… Read more

Contiki Great Britain: Edinburgh, Liverpool and quaint towns of Wales

Two words come to mind as I re-read the travel journal I kept as a 21-year-old country girl travelling from one of the world’s youngest nations (Australia) to one of its most well-preserved continents (Europe): old and nonchalant. I was clearly blown away by the history of the United Kingdom and at the same time a little dismissive of some parts too. Read more

Travelling though time: London, York, and hotel bars with men

You cannot truly appreciate how much can change in half a century until you go back in time. Obviously, much changes, but it’s the little things that get forgotten and the big things that either evolve radically or stand the test of time. As I continue to trace my grandmother’s footsteps throughout Europe in the 1950s, I can’t help but compare our similarities and differences, the societies we live in, and the world around us. Read more

First impressions of London and ghost stories of York

My first days in London as a 22-year-old in 2008 were very different to those of my grandmother who arrived by ship as a 32-year-old in 1952. In this time travel series, I recount the tales, thoughts and experiences of me and my grandmother – two female travellers of different ages, from different eras, with different approaches to travel and life. The differences are so evident when reading my grandmother’s first days in London, and this, the first entry in my travel diary… Read more

Travelling through time: a grandmother’s and granddaughter’s approach to life and travel

My Grandmother travelled solo for 9 months as a 32-year-old single female in 1952. I travelled as a 22-year-old coupled up working-holiday-maker in 2008 for 18 months. Considering my family always say I am so much like her, Nan and I were two very different people when we travelled Europe and it shows in the pages of our handwritten travel journals, which I’m recollecting in a new blog series. Read more

Grandmother’s travel journal: To London to visit the Queen

This is a snippet of my grandmother’s travel journal from 1952. It’s the first in my time travel series. As I mentioned in this post, we both travelled Europe quite extensively, but 56 years apart. The pages of each our travel diaries reveal such uniqueness – the times in which we lived, our perspectives on the places we visited, the connections we made, and ourselves. But there is a familiarity in there too. Read more

Travelling through time: exploring similarities of grandmother’s travel journal and my own

My grandmother always encouraged me to travel and see the world. I remember sitting up late and listening to her extraordinary tales of sea voyages, presentations to queens, and passes from exotic hopefuls. I was in awe of her confidence, independence and curiosity in the ways of the world. I told her I would travel, just as she had. I booked my ticket just before she had the stroke. Read more

Three reasons to escape reality and take an adventure

Have you ever wanted to take an adventure; to just fly the coop and escape reality? If you answered ‘yes’, but haven’t already, then what’s been holding you back? Do you, like most people, think it’s impossible or irresponsible to escape reality? Then that’s all the more reason to go for it. In fact, I’ll give you three reasons why you can and should “escape reality” and take an adventure now. Read more

Food tips for air travel – what to eat on the plane

I’m a bit of an oddball when I travel, and that’s OK with me. I’m the one who carries five notepads in her handbag, preferring to write than watch the in-flight entertainment; who Instagrams every meal, even a handful of activated nuts; and who takes her own food on board the aircraft, asking only for cutlery and a cup of hot water for her organic green tea bag. Yes, I am one of those. But it was only recently when I became unapologetic about it. Read more

Travel teaches us that life is a journey

For someone who’s been to 33 countries, takes every opportunity to set off on an adventure, and spent two years in a long distance relationship (man, we spent some money on fuel!), I used to hate travelling. The distances, the time, the nothingness that happens during the ride… Now, amid the fast pace of life, these are things I relish in. It’s a reminder that life, too, is a journey. Read more

Explore Fiji beauty via kayak on the Luva River

They say beauty is only skin deep. Indeed, Fiji’s unblemished beaches, smooth, crystal clear waters and radiant sunshine are what keep tourists coming back year after year. But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you’ll discover Fiji’s true beauty is at her heart, on the Luva River. Read more


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