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Food tips for air travel – what to eat on the plane

I’m a bit of an oddball when I travel, and that’s OK with me. I’m the one who carries five notepads in her handbag, preferring to write than watch the in-flight entertainment; who Instagrams every meal, even a handful of activated nuts; and who takes her own food on board the aircraft, asking only for cutlery and a cup of hot water for her organic green tea bag. Yes, I am one of those. But it was only recently when I became unapologetic about it. Read more

Travel teaches us that life is a journey

For someone who’s been to 33 countries, takes every opportunity to set off on an adventure, and spent two years in a long distance relationship (man, we spent some money on fuel!), I used to hate travelling. The distances, the time, the nothingness that happens during the ride… Now, amid the fast pace of life, these are things I relish in. It’s a reminder that life, too, is a journey. Read more

Explore Fiji beauty via kayak on the Luva River

They say beauty is only skin deep. Indeed, Fiji’s unblemished beaches, smooth, crystal clear waters and radiant sunshine are what keep tourists coming back year after year. But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you’ll discover Fiji’s true beauty is at her heart, on the Luva River. Read more

How to make coconut cream – the authentic Fijian way

In Fiji they say you can find 101 uses for coconuts. You can make rope by binding the fruit’s fibrous husk, cups from its shell, and moisturising lotion from its flesh. Personally, it’s the uses of coconut in the kitchen which most interest me and there is no shortage of those, as the Fijian diet largely consists of coconut in some form – whether it be juice, cream or oil. Read more

Fresh, simple pop-up espresso bar and art exhibition

A visit to a pop-up art exhibition and espresso bar this morning really brightened my day. After hearing whispers earlier in the week of the entrepreneurial spirit of two friends who listened to their hearts and saw an opportunity to step closer to their dreams, I had to pop round for a sticky beak (and to taste the coffee)! Read more

Eating out at Wollongong’s Lower East Cafe

Do fish and chips bore you – even when you’re by the sea? Well Sunday lunch at a beach city doesn’t have to be boring, not at Wollongong on the NSW south coast that’s for sure. Read more

Where to eat and shop for homewares in Orange, NSW

There’s nothing like a visit to Orange, New South Wales to get you inspired on the home front. One-off homeware stores, award-winning restaurants and the beautiful Cook Park will keep you busy during your weekend break. Read more


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