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The simplest and best healthy chicken soup

This is a no frills chicken soup recipe that never fails to hit the spot. It’s always the simple recipes that taste the best and that’s especially true when it comes to chicken soup.
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Sugar-free granola and paleo trail mix

Ah, mornings – my favourite time of day. When everything is (mostly) quiet, you can catch the sunrise and, as L.M Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables) inferred, it’s “a new day with no mistakes in it”. Best of all, it’s breakfast time! Read more

Raw, paleo, sugar-free mango and passionfruit cheesecake

It’s almost time to fly north for the winter – I wish! We’re heading into the middle of autumn (or fall) Down Under and I’m no fan of the impending cold weather. Give me the burning sun and searing heat of summer with flowy dresses and thongs over the wet days and overcast skies of winter with layers and hot water bottles any day! Thankfully there are still some mangoes floating around, so I’m hanging onto the taste of summer with this decadent dessert – raw, paleo and sugar-free mango and passionfruit cheesecake! Read more

How to manifest – Step 3 of 3: Visualise success

The final step to manifesting your dreams or desires truly is the most simple, but there is one thing that gets in the way for so many. In this, the third and final instalment of my “How to manifest” blog series, I’ll let you in on Step 3, explain what makes it so difficult for people to get past this last hurdle, and help you find your own way. I hope by now you know what you want, because it’s right around the corner for you… Read more

How to manifest – Step 2 of 3: Take action before you’re ready

As with any dream or desire, once you know what you truly want and why you want it – in other words, once you get clear on your purpose and intention –  it stands to reason that you will have to do something in order to get what you want. In the second installment of my “How to manifest” blog trilogy, I’m going to take you through step 2 and what you must do in order for your dream or desire to take shape. I’ll also debunk some myths that get under people’s skin and often stall or even put a stop to the manifestation process. Read more

How to manifest – Step 1 of 3: Set your intention

When I decided to write a book, I had no idea what was in store. What I did know was that I hadn’t been through hell and back for no good reason, and that I would one day save another’s life. That was the seed. That was when and how I began to manifest a publishing contract. In this mini blog trilogy, you will discover how to manifest what you want in three easy steps and I will show you a real life example of how manifestation works. Read more

Sunday session: Sneaky chocolate raspberry green smoothie

Mix up your green juice or green smoothie routine with this super interesting combo! A unique blend of greens and fruit produce a taste you’d least expect – chocolate!* Try it and tell me if you agree! Take a photo of your Sneaky Chocolate Raspberry Green Smoothie, upload it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #inspiredmood to share your thoughts :) Read more

Sunday smoothie session: Watermelon, beetroot, broccoli and greens juice

Watermelon makes everything better. Hot? Watermelon will cool you down. Thirsty? Watermelon will quench your thirst. In need of a sweet fix? Watermelon’s got that covered too. Perhaps that’s why this particular recipe is one of my favourite juices. But, not only is is sweet and deliciously refreshing, it’s also bursting with greens and antioxidants. Read more

Sunday smoothie session: Seeing red in a green juice

This is one of my favourite juices and perfect for sharing with anyone who wouldn’t down a vegetable juice with the same level of enthusiasm as you would perhaps. It’s a green juice in disguise – the beetroot and red kale masking the incredibly nutritious green goodness. Trust me, I made it for my nieces (who ordinarily wouldn’t touch a green juice with a barge pole) and they loved it! I hope you will too :) Read more

Sunday session: Green mango smoothie, summer in a cup

Summer may be on the way out (OK, it’s the first day of autumn, summer is gone for another year) but you can still get all the goodness of summer in with this green mango smoothie. It’s simple – just five ingredients in the blender – but man, is it delicious! It’s also loaded with Vitamins C, A and B6 – great for the immune system, organ function, and metabolism. Enjoy, and feel free to share your own recipes in the comments below. Read more

Sunday smoothie session – Going green with juicing and “Sweet baby ado”

Anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge. So, of course, I started the year by partaking in a “juice a day challenge“. I don’t have a juicer, or even a functioning blender, but I do have a magic bullet. For an additional challenge, I tried new recipes on the fly every day and I tried to ensure it was a green juice or a green smoothie. As a novice juicer (I normally just buy them when I’m out, rather than make them at home), you can bet there were some doozies. Trust me when I say – regardless of the nutritional benefits – kale, baby spinach, broccoli, avocado, raspberries and cacao is not worth it! Or, at least there are better ways to enjoy these otherwise awesome ingredients. But there were some winning combos and so, naturally, I’ll be sharing those with you in this new series: Sunday smoothie session! Starting with… Read more

Macadamia-crusted lamb rack with sweet potato and greens

I’m flat out thinking of any meal more Aussie than lamb – except maybe meat pies, lamington and pavlova, but those are debatable. Am I right my Kiwi friends? Heck, I’ve just realised that this post is about lamb (i.e. sheep!) – eek! I will stop digging this hole right now… And then, I can’t help but think of the crack-up Aussie comedy Kath & Kim every time I cook a lamb rack – or “rack off lamb” as Kim calls it. Like the flashy gals from Fountain Gate, my macadamia-crusted Aussie lamb rack and baked sweet potato with steamed beans and broccoli may like to appear a little bit fancy, but it’s super simple (to make, that is). Not to mention it combines two of Australia’s best-known exports – lamb and macadamias, each of which are packed with nutritional benefits. Read more


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